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“I attended the workshop in Toowoomba. I really enjoyed it, it was so well organised and the mechanics were full of knowledge and were very courteous. I walked in there knowing where my key goes and petrol of course, came out knowing how to lift a spare tyre correctly out of car, how to change a tyre on a flat road, use a jack, check my tyre pressure – I even know where the sticker that tells me is, how to jump start my car, change my wipers, how to smash my windscreen if needed and how to cut a seatbelt, how to use coolants, knowing the appropriate petrol to put into my car, not to let my car get under a 1/4 of a tank in fuel, how to stay safe on the road travelling alone . Thank you so much I have told all my nursing friends about this fabulous workshop when is the next one on please? Job well done!”

 – Loredana