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“I attended the workshop on Wednesday night at Ferntree Gully Holden. I had a ball, and mostly it reminded me of the things I knew but somewhere along the way of growing up, having kids and buying new model cars rather than 20 year old cars, had forgotten to do!

It was brilliant, and I have told everyone about it. However, I wanted to share a quick story with you all…

Last night on my way home from work, there seemed to be an unusually long wait at a particular intersection on Stud Road. Looking closer in the distance I notice a lot of tooting and cars going around a little car, and two quite dangerously, nearly colliding with each other in their haste to get around this car. As I pulled up to it, I noticed a P plate in the window and a teary young lady in the drivers seat and her bewildered looking boyfriend in the passenger seat.

I pulled up along side them and rolled down my window, indicating they should do the same. I asked them if they had called for help, and if they required any. The young man, who didn’t speak much English said, no we cant get help and yes do you know what to do?

I pulled across the intersection and parked my car and went back to the young couple. I tapped on the window of the car parked next to them (as they were in the turning lane and we wanted to go across) and asked the MAN in the car beside them if he would mind if he waited while I helped push their car into his lane to cross the road. He said yes, BUT STAYED IN HIS CAR! No offer of help!

I then proceeded to tell the young girl to put the car in neutral and the boy to get out and help me to push it, of which we did together once the lights turned green. No-one else pulled over and offered help in the whole 15 minutes this event took place.

Now, I am telling you this for a reason, firstly, to say the BIGGEST THANK YOU for giving me the confidence to do this. Look to be honest, I would have stopped anyway. That’s the kind of person I am. But maybe, I would have tried to flag down someone else to help, maybe I would have just handed them my phone and said call someone, maybe I would have called someone to ask them how I should help this person, but I didn’t… instead, I thought, I could help them… and I did. All thanks to Wednesday night! Thank you!”

– Stacey, Ferntree Gully Holden Women on Wheels participant